ABAGADA Is the new solo project by Israeli born Gad Baruch Hinkis. A futurist and music technology hacker, Gad is one of the originators of the Electro-Swing genre, Mostly known as the producer and front man of the Berlin based band Dirty Honkers, where he concurred some of the biggest stages around Europe with his unavoidable energy and arsenal of hacked gaming toys with which he is able to produce live electronic improvisations.

In this new project Gad sets course to explore his love for polyrhythms, with a half improvised live set using his latest inventions to create melodies and grooves that force the body to move with tribal beats, gritty textures and enigmatic lyrics.

The interactive live set, invites audience to take part in the music. This is made possible by downloading a specially made app that allows the crowd to add sounds to the live set over wifi by tapping and swiping the screens of their smartphones.

ABAGADA Transcends definition, a totally unique musical shamanist, digital sound conjurer,  channeling sonic hallucinations from an ancient future.

For booking requests please contact Gad at: gad@polyjam.com


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